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Napoleon Voor Dummies

This is the Dutch version of Napoleon for Dummies.

Here is the review (4 stars out of 5) from a Dutch website:

Who doesn’t know Napoleon and especially who doesn’t know all the stories on his behalf: his beloved Josephine, his height and most of all the battle of Waterloo. The author of Napoleon for Dummies, David Markham, is an historian specializing in Napoleon. He wanted to write a factual book about Napoleon intended for the general public that isn’t initiated in the history of Napoleon. The result is Napoleon for Dummies.

There are only a few people who haven't heard about Napoleon, who is as well-known as as Caesar, and to be as known as Caesar was the dream of Napoleon. This small detail is only one between all those other ones in the book Napoleon for Dummies that places this book on a different level of all the other books of the for Dummies series. It is a very informative book containing all kind of legends. To make it very understandable and easy to read, it is full of very short but pleasant tales, written with a great deal of humor. And not least of all, you can surf the pages without to have to read all chapters chronologically, which makes it a pleasure to read.

David Markham doesn't bring only information on Napoleon, but gives also some background information and hindsight on the French Revolution, the American Revolution and Corsica. As such he gives you a better understanding of Napoleon's motives, all put in an outstanding perspective against the timeline of history. He describes not only the background of his acts, but also his whole life is explained in an chronological way, step by step. Everything is explained: his youth, his education, his love affairs, his family, his friends and all his deeds. For the uninitiated who wants more about Napoleon, it is a very complete book.

But there is not only praise for the book. The author is a great advocate of Napoleon, not to say an adorer. As a result there is the problem that practically the whole book is written out of a positive point of view for Napoleon. He describes also some tales as untrue, while others, also unreliable stories, are estimated as true. For instance, Markham finds the gossip about Napoleon's mother having had an affair very unlikely, but he accepts the story that Josephine's marriages were foreseen by prophesy, and this only because Josephine has mentioned this fact in her diary.

In spite of the fact that Markham writes sometimes too enthusiastically about Napoleon, and that it is doubtful which legends are true and which aren't, this book is a plain and clear reference book for the dummies among us. And the question if those legends are true or not, is still a matter of discussion between historians.

Selected Works

The story of a fascinating but often overlooked period of Napoleon's career. The time between Waterloo and Napoleon's surrender to the British is filled with intrigue and possibilities, and this book covers all of the exciting details, often in the words of those who were there!
Six alternative history stories answered by six noted historians. Introduction and introductory material, as well as a response to one alternative history, by J. David Markham, editor.
Six alternative history stories answered by six noted historians. Introduction and introductory material, as well as a response to one alternative history, by J. David Markham, editor.
“The ultimate biography of Napoleon for the average person and students of Napoleon alike.”
--Ben Weider, President, International Napoleonic Society
The French version, with a preface by Jean Tulard, dean of French Napoleonic scholars,
The Russian version of Napoleon for Dummies. It translates as 'Napoleon for the Teapots.'
This is the Dutch version of Napoleon for Dummies.
A vivid view of Napoleon’s last years and a major contribution to Napoleonic scholarship.

Winner of the 2005 International Napoleonic Society’s President’s Choice award for Napoleonic Literature.
Easy to read, well researched and documented, it is the one book on Napoleon for student and scholar alike!

Winner of the 2004 Napoleonic Society of America Emperor's Award for Napoleonic Literature
Imperial Glory is the first complete English translation of Napoleon’s Bulletins and also contains numerous reports by Napoleon’s marshals and others, most of which have never been published in English.

Winner of the 2003 International Napoleonic Society Presidents Choice Award and the 2007 Count Las Cases Memorial Prize for Napoleonic Literature in English from the Instituto Napoleónico México-Francia.

Winner of the 2003 International Napoleonic Society President's Choice Award for Napoleonic Literature.

Betsy Balcombe's memoirs tell the story of her relationship with Napoleon on St Helena, the island to which he was exiled after defeat at Waterloo. I wrote the introduction to this edition.

Selected as book of the month by Foundation Napoléon, Paris.
Eight Napoleonic experts review Napoleon's life and legacy.
An abridged audio book that includes all introductory material and some of the best stories found in the paperback version. I had the honor to be one of the readers.
History Channel production that tells the stories of the greatest military commanders of all time, including segments with J. David Markham on Napoleon and Julius Caesar.
A group of British and one American (J. David Markham) tell the amazing story of Napoleon's career.
Ben Weider, J. David Markham and others set the stage for one of history's greatest mysteries: How did Napoleon die?
A two-volume work on the world powers of the 19th and early 20th century. I contributed 10 articles.
A wealth of information on this exciting epoch. I contributed 27 articles.
A well-regarded basic reference work to which I contributed articles on Napoleon, Julius Caesar and Augustus Caesar.
The Encyclopedia of Leadership brings together for the first time everything that is known and truly matters about leadership as part of the human experience. Includes my article on Napoleon Bonaparte.