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Napoleon: The Final Verdict

All military historians and enthusiasts will have an opinion on Napoleon Bonaparte. The aim of this book is to prepare the reader to come to, or revise, what might be his final verdict on this most remarkable of military careers.

The first part of the volume deals with the years of power and influence – the campaigns and the evolution of the Napoleonic age. The second part discusses Napoleon as a man-manager and as a strategist, and comments on some of the statements and observations he handed down.


The Early Years and First Commands
-J. David Markham

The Years of Legend, 1805-1809
-Ian Castle

The Peninsular War: A Reputation Tarnished
1Guy Dempsey, Jr.

The Russian Campaign: A Reputation Damaged
-Philip Haythornthwaite

Abdication, Exile and Return
-J. David Markham

Waterloo: A Reputation Destroyed
-Andrew Uffindell

St Helena: Controversy to the End
-Tim Hicks

Napoleon and His Men
-James Arnold

Napoleon's Art of War
- Philip Haythornthwaite

Napoleon and His Words
-Peter Tsouras