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The Conquerors

The History Channel presents a documentary tour de force on the world's greatest battles and the fearless men who won them. From King David and El Cid to Napoleon and Marshal Zhukov's capture of Berlin, The Conquerors brings the terrifying rumble of tanks and the deadly arrows of conquest vividly to life.

Traveling the globe and spanning two millennia, The Conquerors examines 12 legendary figures that altered the course of history through military brilliance and sheer willpower. Diary entries, interviews with scholars and heart-stopping reenactments examine the strategies, weapons of conquest and the significance of each engagement in the annals of history.

Segments include:

William the Conqueror Invades England

General William Howe: Conqueror of New York

Andrew Jackson: Conqueror of Florida

Cortés: Conqueror of Mexico

John C. Fremont: Conqueror of California

El Cíd

Marshal Zhukov: WWII Conqueror of Berlin

Sherman's March to the Sea

Cromwell: Conqueror of Ireland

King David

Napoleon's Greatest Victory

Caesar: Conqueror of Gaul